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Congrats to all the fine young men in the 2015 Titan Football program.  A few received state-wide recognition for the their efforts this season:

Kaleb Appleton – 1st team All-Region Center; Honorable Mention All-State Center

Spencer Appleton – 1st team All-Region QB/Spreadback; Honorable Mention All-State QB/Spreadback; 1st Team All-State Utility

Kamble Sawyer – 1st team All-Region Offensive Player; 2nd Team All-State Offensive Player

Kaleb Thornton – 1st team All-Region Kicker; Honorable Mention All-State Kicker


Ages: Middle School (11-14), High School (15-18)
Season: Mid-August – November
Head Coach: Dooley Appleton
Assistant Coaches:  Jason DeLeon, Russell Reddell
Email: svenappleton@gmail.com